Knee Pain

Knee Pain Causes You Need to Know About

Here at Stock Chiropractic Wellness Center, we have helped many of our patients with knee related issues. Because it is one of the biggest load-bearing joints of the body, the knee is prone it more wear and tear and injury than many other join. Knee pain doesn’t just make walking harder. It makes all movements such as standing, sitting, and slight motions extremely difficult. Here in Punta Gorda, we have helped many clients with our team of chiropractor experts. We want to do the same for you by starting with some of the common causes for knee pain that you need to be aware of:


One of the most common causes for knee pain is an injury of some kind:

  • A slip and fall accident and end up injuring the knee joints

  • Sport injuries often cause major impacts or strains to the knee joint

  • Automobile accident or a similar type of injury are also common

  • Over use due to walking, standing, running, or bending can occur


There are a number of common illnesses and disease that can affect the joints:

  • Arthritis is commonly seen in the knee joints and can be quite severe

  • Some autoimmune disorders can affect the bones and joints as well

  • Osteoporosis and osteoarthritis often lead to a range of knee problems

  • Gout and other less common conditions can also cause knee pain


Knee pain can be related to a condition the individual was born with:

  • Issues with the shape or size of the bones that make up the knee can occur

  • Lack of proper cartilage needed to cushion knee movements leads to pain

  • Poor blood vessel distribution and circulation issues can affect the knee

  • Misshapen bones can affect how the leg and knee are aligned and connect


There are cases where knee pain has been caused by a chemical or medicine:

  • Prolonged exposure to certain chemicals can lead to toxin buildup

  • Some medications like chemo and radiation can cause join damage

  • Potent drugs can cause the buildup of minerals in the body’s joints

  • Exposure to certain products and toxins can harm the joints of the body

To learn more about what can lead to knee pain and what steps you can take with the assistance of a chiropractor team, contact us today here at Stock Chiropractic Wellness Center. To reach us, simply call us at (941) 200-1024.

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